One of the smartest design tools is to ask “why?”. To be precise it is to ask “why” consecutively with a charming relentlessness.


When you ask, you get information. But often the first answer you get is – intentionally or unintentionally – nothing more than a set phrase. However, the answer given is generally accepted – so much that you think you got a quite reasonable one. The funny thing is that even the interviewees think their first answer is true. And so we are invited to believe that SUV-owners drive their cars because they are so secure, classic car owners buy their rolling treasures as money investment and annual subscribers to a gym practice their exercises twice a week because of their health – oh yes they do.

Whereas advertising often enough offers buying excuses by addressing the set phrases, products and services should better be tailored to the real needs and motifs of users.

Answering several consecutive “WHY”s animates people to give away the secret of the real reasons for their behavior and attitudes.

2 thoughts on “Why Why?

  1. Hi Holger, I appreciate your feedback. You are so right – once the WHY is fixed the HOW is important and makes the difference in the end. :)


  2. Hi Andrea, I always love the way how you come straight to the point by easy examples. THX
    What ever we do it’s essential to straighten out the WHY, then articulate the HOW (and that includes all the things like situation, circumstances, involved parties and people) and finally to keep in mind to stay consistent in what we do.


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